Experienced IT Experts

Don’t let your IT be run by Amateurs

Etheria Consulting

Etheria Consulting consists of the most experienced IT experts

The company that can offer you not just IT services, but also Internet of Things (IoT), Voice, Remote Access and much more. Imagine a company that can train your staff to protect their data as part of the package … or imagine a company that can give their own app to monitor your security or even reduce your electric bill. Etheria, unlike any other IT company, does not just do small to medium sized businesses but multinational companies, so when you take us on we are equipped for almost any event.

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Stability and Continuity

How many times has your email gone down? How do your staff access the office when remote?

As part of our service we install a simple VPN for your staff and they can act like they are inside the office at all times. We also place a firewall on your internet connection, and a backup mobile 4G link, so you never have to worry about your internet going down, and all within our support package.

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